Vietnam Aims for $6.5 Billion in Fruit and Vegetable Exports by 2024

by Ella

Vietnam is poised to elevate its fruit and vegetable exports to a significant milestone, with projections indicating a target of $6.5 billion for the year 2024. This ambitious forecast follows the nation’s impressive achievement of nearly $5.6 billion in exports in 2023, as disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on Friday.

The burgeoning export prospects are largely attributed to robust demand emanating from the Chinese market, prompting Vietnam to engage in negotiations for the official export of additional fruit varieties.


Dang Phuc Nguyen, the General Secretary of the Vietnam Vegetable and Fruit Association, expressed optimism regarding the trajectory of fruit and vegetable exports, foreseeing a notable expansion ranging from 15% to 20% throughout 2024. Mr. Phuc further anticipated that these exports would shatter previous records, potentially surpassing the $6 billion mark and even approaching $7 billion.


In January 2024 alone, Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable exports surged to $510 million, marking a substantial uptick of 24.9% compared to December 2023 and an impressive 112.1% year-on-year increase.


The momentum in Vietnamese fruit exports was notably pronounced in 2023, with several varieties witnessing remarkable growth. Durian exports, for instance, soared by an astonishing 430.1% to reach $2.2 billion, while dragon fruit and jackfruit exports amounted to $523 million and $168 million, respectively.


As Vietnam continues to solidify its position as a key player in the global fruit and vegetable market, stakeholders are optimistic about the nation’s capacity to sustain its upward trajectory and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the agricultural export sector.



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