France Urges EU to Ban Import of Fruits and Vegetables Treated with Thiacloprid

by Ella

In a bid to bolster support for the agricultural sector and address ongoing farmers’ protests, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has called on the European Commission to halt the sale of fruits and vegetables treated with thiacloprid across the European market.

Thiacloprid, classified as a neonicotinoid insecticide, has been prohibited in France since September 2018 and within the European Union since February 2021. Regulatory bodies such as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have underscored its carcinogenic nature, endocrine-disrupting properties, and detrimental effects on pollinators. Despite these concerns, the French Ministry of Agriculture has highlighted its continued use in other regions globally as a crop protection measure against specific insects.


Should the European Commission fail to accede to France’s request, authorities are prepared to invoke a safeguard clause to suspend the sale of thiacloprid-treated products within their domestic market. The Ministry of Agriculture’s office indicated that a decision from the Commission is expected imminently, stating, “The Commission could make its decision this week.” Nonetheless, should the Commission not take decisive action within a reasonable timeframe, France reserves the option to implement unilateral measures to address the issue.




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