Russian Seafood Associations Oppose Proposed Ban on Faroe Islands Fish Imports

by Ella

In a pushback against the Russian Ministry of Agriculture’s intentions to prohibit seafood imports from the Faroe Islands, major seafood trade associations in Russia are urging a reconsideration of the proposed ban.

The Russian Association of Fish Processing and Trading Companies, represented by Fish Alliance, encompassing over 20 seafood importing firms, and the Russian Fishing Union, comprising more than 30 seafood importers and processors, are emphasizing the integral role of Faroe Islands imports in sustaining Russia’s domestic seafood market.


These associations argue that implementing such a ban would have detrimental effects, particularly leading to a surge in seafood prices within the Russian domestic market. The plea to abandon the proposed ban is grounded in concerns for the economic impact and potential hardships for consumers.


The dispute underscores the delicate balance between national interests and global trade dynamics, with both sides advocating for a resolution that safeguards the interests of the seafood industry while ensuring the stability and accessibility of seafood for the Russian populace. As this issue unfolds, stakeholders eagerly await the Ministry of Agriculture’s response to these impassioned pleas from the seafood trade associations.




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