24 Desserts to Make with a Can of Cherry Pie Filling

by Ella

A can of cherry pie filling holds within its confines the promise of countless culinary delights, far beyond the boundaries of a traditional pie. While the classic cherry pie is undeniably tempting, the versatility of cherry pie filling opens up a world of possibilities in the kitchen. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a myriad of sweet and savory creations that can be crafted with the humble can of cherry pie filling, transforming it into delectable dishes suitable for any occasion.

Cherry Pie Filling:

Before delving into the myriad of recipes, it’s crucial to understand the basic composition of cherry pie filling. Typically, commercial cherry pie filling consists of cherries in a thickened syrup, often sweetened and flavored. The filling can include whole cherries or cherry halves, and the syrup is usually infused with sugar, cornstarch or another thickening agent, and sometimes a touch of lemon juice for acidity.


Baking with Cherry Pie Filling:

1. Classic Cherry Pie:


Let’s start with the quintessential – a classic cherry pie. Use the canned cherry pie filling as the star ingredient in a homemade pie crust for a timeless dessert. Enhance the flavor with a dash of almond extract in the filling, or experiment with a lattice or crumb topping for added texture.


2. Cherry Hand Pies:


For a portable and handheld version of cherry pie, create cherry hand pies. Encase a spoonful of cherry pie filling in individual pockets of flaky pastry for a convenient and delightful treat.

3. Cherry Tartlets:

Elevate your dessert game by crafting elegant cherry tartlets. Use pre-made tartlet shells or make your own with a buttery pastry crust. Fill each tartlet with cherry pie filling and bake until golden brown. Garnish with a dusting of powdered sugar for a touch of sophistication.

4. Cherry Galette:

Embrace the rustic charm of a cherry galette. Simply roll out pie dough, spoon cherry pie filling into the center, and fold the edges over the filling. The result is a free-form, open-faced pastry that showcases the vibrant cherries.

5. Cherry Cheesecake Bars:

Combine the richness of cheesecake with the fruity goodness of cherry pie filling by making cherry cheesecake bars. Layer a creamy cheesecake filling over a graham cracker crust and top with dollops of cherry pie filling for a delightful contrast.

Breakfast and Brunch Delights:

6. Cherry-Filled Pancakes or Waffles:

Elevate your morning routine by incorporating cherry pie filling into your pancake or waffle batter. Swirl the filling into the batter as it cooks, creating bursts of sweet cherry flavor in every bite.

7. Cherry-Stuffed French Toast:

Make breakfast a luxurious affair with cherry-stuffed French toast. Spread cherry pie filling between slices of bread, dip in a rich egg mixture, and cook until golden brown. Drizzle with maple syrup for a decadent start to your day.

8. Cherry Breakfast Parfait:

Layer Greek yogurt, granola, and cherry pie filling to create a vibrant and wholesome breakfast parfait. The combination of creamy yogurt, crunchy granola, and sweet cherries makes for a satisfying and nutritious morning meal.

9. Cherry Muffins or Scones:

Infuse your baked goods with the goodness of cherry pie filling by incorporating it into muffin or scone batter. The burst of cherry sweetness adds a delightful twist to these breakfast treats.

Decadent Desserts:

10. Cherry Swirl Brownies:

Elevate your brownie game by incorporating cherry pie filling. Swirl dollops of the filling into the brownie batter before baking to create a visually stunning and flavorful treat.

11. Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Give classic chocolate chip cookies a cherry-infused makeover by folding cherry pie filling and chocolate chips into the dough. The result is a delightful combination of chewy cookie texture and bursts of cherry sweetness.

12. Cherry Crumble Bars:

Create irresistible cherry crumble bars by layering a buttery crumb mixture with cherry pie filling. Bake until golden brown and cut into bars for a delicious handheld dessert.

13. Cherry Bread Pudding:

Transform day-old bread into a luscious dessert by making cherry bread pudding. Combine chunks of bread with a custard mixture and cherry pie filling, then bake until set. Serve warm with a dusting of powdered sugar or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Savory Delights:

14. Cherry Balsamic Glazed Chicken:

Turn the sweetness of cherry pie filling into a savory glaze for chicken. Combine cherry pie filling with balsamic vinegar, garlic, and herbs to create a flavorful glaze. Brush it over roasted or grilled chicken for a unique and delicious main course.

15. Cherry BBQ Sauce for Ribs:

Elevate your barbecue experience by preparing a cherry-infused BBQ sauce for ribs. Combine cherry pie filling with traditional BBQ sauce ingredients, including ketchup, vinegar, and spices, for a sweet and tangy flavor profile.

16. Cherry and Goat Cheese Crostini:

Create elegant appetizers by spreading cherry pie filling over crostini and topping it with creamy goat cheese. Garnish with a drizzle of honey and fresh herbs for a sophisticated flavor combination.

17. Cherry Brie Puff Pastry Bites:

Make delectable puff pastry bites by filling mini pastry cups with a dollop of cherry pie filling and a small wedge of brie cheese. Bake until golden brown for a delightful appetizer that combines sweet and savory flavors.

Beverages and Cocktails:

18. Cherry Pie Smoothie:

Blend up a cherry pie smoothie by combining cherry pie filling with Greek yogurt, almond milk, and a handful of spinach. The result is a vibrant and nutritious smoothie that captures the essence of cherry pie.

19. Cherry Pie Martini:

Craft a sophisticated cocktail by incorporating cherry pie filling into a classic martini. Shake together vodka, cherry liqueur, and a spoonful of cherry pie filling for a deliciously indulgent drink.

20. Cherry Limeade Cooler:

Create a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage by combining cherry pie filling with freshly squeezed lime juice and sparkling water. Serve over ice for a bubbly and fruity cooler.

21. Cherry Pie Sangria:

Elevate your sangria game by infusing it with the flavors of cherry pie. Combine cherry pie filling with red wine, brandy, and assorted fruits for a delightful and visually appealing sangria.

Preserving the Goodness:

22. Cherry Pie Jam:

Transform cherry pie filling into a homemade jam by simmering it with sugar and lemon juice. This versatile jam can be spread on toast, used as a topping for desserts, or even incorporated into savory dishes.

23. Cherry Pie Filling Ice Cream:

Create a luscious cherry pie filling ice cream by folding cherry pie filling into a base of vanilla ice cream. The result is a homemade treat that captures the essence of cherry pie in every scoop.

24. Cherry Pie Filling Yogurt Popsicles:

Combine cherry pie filling with Greek yogurt and a touch of honey to create a creamy and fruity base for popsicles. Pour the mixture into molds, freeze, and enjoy a refreshing frozen treat.

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In conclusion, a can of cherry pie filling is a culinary canvas waiting to be transformed into a multitude of sweet and savory creations. From traditional desserts like cherry pie to innovative dishes like cherry balsamic glazed chicken, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Experiment with different recipes, flavor pairings, and presentation styles to create culinary masterpieces that delight the senses. Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or an experienced chef, the versatility of cherry pie filling invites you to unlock your creativity and elevate your culinary repertoire. So, roll up your sleeves, preheat the oven, and embark on a delicious journey with a can of cherry pie filling as your culinary companion.



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