North Korean Leader Urges Boost in Poultry Production Amidst Food Shortages

by Ella

In a move to address chronic food shortages in North Korea, leader Kim Jong-un has emphasized the importance of increasing poultry production during a visit to the newly constructed Kwangchon Chicken Farm in Hwangju County of North Hwanghae Province. The state media outlet, Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), reported on Monday that Kim, accompanied by his daughter Ju-ae, called for a “substantial change” in the people’s standards of living through enhanced poultry output.

During the visit, Kim highlighted the necessity of continually expanding production capacity to ensure a more abundant supply of meat and eggs for the people. The KCNA reported that North Korea is also planning the construction of another chicken farm in Pyongyang this year.


The focus on poultry production comes against the backdrop of persistent food shortages in North Korea, leading to reported instances of starvation in certain regions. Kim’s call for increased production aims to address these shortages and improve the overall living conditions of the population.


The Kwangchon Chicken Farm, previously visited by Kim in July 2020, was touted by North Korea’s state media as having the capability to produce thousands of tons of meat and tens of millions of eggs annually.


Kim’s recent visit is seen as an effort to project an image of leadership that prioritizes the well-being of the people in the new year. The presence of his daughter, Ju-ae, during the visit is noteworthy, marking a rare public appearance at economy-related sites. Previously, she predominantly accompanied her father to military events.


In a report released on Friday, South Korea’s unification ministry, responsible for inter-Korean affairs, disclosed that Ju-ae has made 24 public appearances since November 2022, with 19 of them linked to military-related events. The latest emphasis on agricultural and economic matters indicates a broader shift in her public engagements.

As North Korea grapples with persistent food challenges, Kim’s focus on poultry production underscores the leadership’s commitment to addressing immediate concerns related to the well-being of the population and enhancing food security in the country.



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