9 Perfect Egg Substitutes for Brownies

by Ella

Brownies, with their irresistibly fudgy texture and rich chocolate flavor, are a beloved dessert for many. However, if you follow a vegan diet or have an egg allergy, finding the perfect egg substitute for brownies can be a challenge. Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a variety of egg alternatives that will help you achieve moist, delectable brownies without compromising on taste or texture. So let’s dive in and discover the wonderful world of egg substitutes for your favorite treat!

1. Understanding the Role of Eggs in Brownies:

Eggs play multiple crucial roles in brownie recipes. They act as binders, providing structure and stability, while also contributing to moisture and tenderness. Additionally, eggs contribute to leavening, helping brownies rise and creating a desirable texture. To replace eggs successfully, it’s important to consider these various functions.


2. Applesauce:

A popular and readily available egg substitute is applesauce. Use unsweetened applesauce to maintain the overall sweetness balance in your brownies. Replace each egg with ¼ cup of applesauce to retain moisture and achieve a softer texture. Keep in mind that using too much applesauce can lead to denser brownies.


3. Mashed Bananas:

Overripe mashed bananas are another excellent option for replacing eggs. Their natural sweetness adds flavor to the brownies while acting as a binding agent. Substitute each egg with half a mashed banana. Be aware that bananas can impart a slight banana flavor to the finished product.


4. Silken Tofu:

Silken tofu is a versatile ingredient known for its smooth and creamy texture. When blended, it creates a texture similar to beaten eggs. Use ¼ cup of pureed silken tofu per egg in your brownie recipe. It helps maintain moisture and provides structure, resulting in deliciously dense brownies.


5. Yogurt:

Yogurt is a popular egg substitute in baking due to its tangy flavor and creamy texture. Opt for plain, unsweetened yogurt and use ¼ cup per egg. Greek yogurt works particularly well, enhancing the richness of your brownies while imparting a subtle tartness.

6. Carbonated Water:

Surprisingly, carbonated water can be used as an egg substitute in brownie recipes. It helps create a light and airy texture. Replace each egg with ¼ cup of carbonated water. Keep in mind that this substitution may result in slightly less structure, but the final product will still be moist and delicious.

7. Aquafaba:

Aquafaba, the liquid drained from canned chickpeas, has gained popularity as an egg replacement in vegan baking. Its unique composition mimics the binding properties of eggs. Use 3 tablespoons of aquafaba per egg. Whisk it until frothy before adding it to your brownie batter.

8. Baking Powder and Oil:

In recipes where eggs act as leavening agents, you can substitute them with a mixture of baking powder, oil, and water. For each egg, combine 2 tablespoons of water, 1 tablespoon of oil, and 2 teaspoons of baking powder. This combination adds lift to your brownies, resulting in a lighter texture.

9. Commercial Egg Replacers:

If you prefer convenience, various commercial egg replacers are available in stores. These products are specifically formulated to mimic the properties of eggs in baking. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the appropriate amount to use based on the number of eggs required.


With the wide range of egg substitutes available, creating delicious brownies without eggs is easier than ever. Whether you choose applesauce, mashed bananas, silken tofu, yogurt, carbonated water, aquafaba, baking powder and oil, or commercial egg replacers, experiment with different options to find your preferred combination. Remember, the right substitute may vary based on the recipe and personal preference. Enjoy your eggless brownies without compromising on taste or texture—indulge in the delight of this classic dessert, no matter your dietary restrictions!



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