Milan Implements Late-Night Food and Drink Restrictions in Response to Noise Complaints

by Ella

Milan, Italy – In an effort to address persistent noise complaints from residents in the vibrant Porta Venezia district, Milan has taken measures to curb disruptive nightlife by introducing a temporary ban on the sale of takeaway food and drinks during specific hours. This proactive move is aimed at mitigating disturbances and ensuring a more peaceful environment for local inhabitants.

The new regulations have temporarily restricted the purchase of takeaway drinks and food from a variety of sources, including shops, street stalls, bars with outdoor seating, and even vending machines. The ban is enforced on weekdays from midnight to 6 a.m. and extends from 1:30 a.m. to 6 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. This restriction will remain in effect until at least November 19, 2023.


The genesis of these measures lies in a lawsuit filed by residents against the city hall earlier this year, highlighting the persistent noise caused by the bustling nightlife in the Porta Venezia area. The discontent among local residents spurred the authorities into action.


The restricted area spans the lively LGBT+ nightlife hub of Porta Venezia, covering the region from Piazza Oberdan to via Melzo and via Lazzaretto. It encompasses various establishments, such as shops, street vendors, bars with outdoor seating, and even vending machines. Street vendors, in particular, face more stringent restrictions, as they are prohibited from operating in the area between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.


Milan’s Mayor, Giuseppe Sala, expressed his support for these measures by stating, “This idea of the 24-hour city in which there are no opening hours, always open, no longer convinces me so much. I believe that cities should also rest like us humans and have timetables that are a little more suitable for everyone.”


These actions in Milan are not without precedent. In May 2020, a ban on takeaway alcohol sales between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. was instituted to enforce COVID-19 safety regulations, following non-compliance by residents. In July 2022 and more recently in June of this year, restrictions on after-hours takeaway drinks were reintroduced in the city center to combat noise and crime on the streets.

While implementing these rules, Marco Granelli, Milan’s Councillor for Security, emphasized the city’s intention not to hamper the enjoyment of life but rather to provide residents with the necessary tranquility. He stated, “We don’t want to penalize fun, nor work and entrepreneurial activities. However, we must allow residents to rest and all citizens to enjoy a quality public space in safety. It is essential to find a balance in the nightlife and give clear rules for everyone.” These actions reflect a commitment to balancing the interests of both residents and the dynamic nightlife in Milan’s Porta Venezia district.



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