Salmon and Trout Drive Norwegian Seafood Exports to May Record

by Ella

Norway achieved a new record in seafood exports in May, with a total value reaching NOK 14 billion (just over £1 billion), driven primarily by increased volumes of salmon and trout.

Record-Breaking Month

This record-setting figure for May represents an 8% increase in value compared to the same month last year. This growth was not just in value but also in volume, marking a significant achievement for Norway’s seafood industry.


Factors Behind the Growth

Christian Chramer, CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council, highlighted several key factors contributing to this growth. In the first four months of the year, the weaker Norwegian krone boosted export prices when measured in Norwegian currency. However, the currency strengthened in May, eliminating this positive currency effect. Despite this, the value of Norwegian seafood exports still reached an all-time high for the month.


Chramer noted that despite challenging economic times for many consumers, Norwegian seafood remains a highly sought-after food item.


Export Growth in EU Markets

Exports to three European Union countries showed notable growth:


Spain: Up 19%

Portugal: Up 22%

Netherlands: Up 15%

Year-to-Date Performance

So far this year, Norway has exported seafood worth NOK 68.5 billion (£5 billion), which is 2% higher than the corresponding period in 2023.

Key Species: Salmon and Trout

Salmon continues to be Norway’s most significant export species, exceeding NOK 10 billion (£740 million) in May. This marks the first growth in salmon exports for the year and sets a historical record for the value of trout exports in a single month.

Salmon Exports: Totaled 82,662 tonnes (up 2%) with a value of NOK 10 billion, representing an 8% growth compared to May last year.

Trout Exports: Totaled 5,561 tonnes with a value of NOK 587 million (£43 million), showing a 65% increase in value and an 83% increase in volume year on year.


The surge in seafood exports, particularly of salmon and trout, underscores Norway’s strong position in the global seafood market. Despite economic challenges and currency fluctuations, Norwegian seafood remains in high demand, demonstrating the resilience and appeal of its seafood industry.



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