Entrepreneur from China Launches Successful Noodle Restaurant Chain in Paris

by Ella

Guo Zhanglong, hailing from Shandong province in eastern China, has made waves in Paris, France, with his thriving restaurant chain serving traditional Chinese noodles. What began as a humble food truck venture two years ago has blossomed into four eateries, captivating diners both locally and internationally.

After studying at a French university as an exchange student in 2011, Guo embarked on a journey that led him to the heart of the Sino-France trade industry. Following his graduation, he transitioned into a full-time influencer, as reported by However, it was his passion for sharing traditional Chinese cuisine that ultimately shaped his entrepreneurial path.


Inspired by the culinary skills of his mother-in-law, Guo began catering to friends and neighbors in Paris, delivering authentic Chinese meals to their doorstep. It was one such friend who proposed the idea of opening a restaurant, setting the wheels in motion for Guo’s venture.


With a modest budget, Guo launched a food truck in the summer of 2022, traversing Parisian fairs and festivals. Armed with his mother-in-law’s expertise in traditional Chinese cooking, they introduced diners to knife-cut noodles, a cherished delicacy from China’s Shanxi province.


Knife-cut noodles, one of the ten traditional forms of Chinese noodles, boast a rich history spanning over 1,000 years. Prepared by expertly slicing chunks of dough directly into boiling water, these willow-leaf-shaped noodles are served in a flavorful soup infused with chili oil and optional ingredients like vegetables, beef, or lamb.


Despite initial concerns about local tastes, Guo’s offerings quickly gained popularity among Parisians, who embraced the bold flavors of Shanxi cuisine. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, Guo opened his flagship restaurant, Kung Fu Pate, in downtown Paris in October of the following year. The success of this establishment paved the way for three additional restaurants under the same brand.

The spectacle of dough-slicing performances by Guo’s mother-in-law captivated diners, earning admiration for what was perceived as “Chinese kung fu.” The novelty of this culinary tradition, coupled with the noodles’ rich history, left an indelible impression on Parisian diners.

Despite the challenges of sourcing skilled staff amidst Paris’s high wage expectations, Guo remains committed to preserving the authenticity of his cuisine. For him, maintaining the centuries-old recipe passed down through generations is paramount, ensuring that every bowl of knife-cut noodles embodies tradition and flavor.

As Guo looks to the future, he remains steadfast in his dedication to sharing the authentic taste of Shanxi cuisine with diners in Paris and beyond, proving that a humble food truck can evolve into a culinary empire rooted in tradition and passion.



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