Red Meat Before Romance? Not the Best Idea

by Ella

Looking to set the mood for a romantic evening? A big steak might not be the best choice.

Here’s why:

Protein and Pungent Gas: Registered dietitian Danielle Crumble Smith refers to the phenomenon as “protein farts” – excess protein can lead to particularly smelly gas due to the breakdown process in the gut.


Red Meat and the Culprit Chemicals: Dr. William Chey, a gastroenterologist, highlights red meat as a specific culprit. The digestion of red meat produces more odorous gas compared to other protein sources.


Portion Control is Key: Dr. Chey warns that even an 8-ounce serving of red meat can increase your risk of an unwelcome emission. This is more than the recommended serving size of 3-4 ounces (think deck of cards).


The Gut Microbiome Matters: People with an imbalanced gut microbiome may be more susceptible to protein-induced gas.


Alternative Options for a Smooth Night:

Lighter Protein Sources: Opt for leaner protein options like fish, chicken, or turkey for a gentler digestive experience.

Plant-Based Protein Power: Consider plant-based protein sources like chickpeas, quinoa, and lentils, which are easier on the gut and less likely to cause gas.

Consult a Doctor for Persistent Issues: If excessive gas is a regular concern, talk to your doctor or a dietitian to pinpoint potential food triggers.

Remember: A balanced diet is key for overall health, but keeping romance in mind, moderation, and alternative protein choices can go a long way in setting the stage for a more enjoyable evening.



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