White House Unveils $1.7 Billion Commitment to Combat Hunger and Diet-Related Diseases

by Ella

In a significant move towards addressing hunger and diet-related diseases, the Biden-Harris Administration has announced a substantial commitment of nearly $1.7 billion to various stakeholders dedicated to tackling these pressing issues within their communities.

Among the recipients of the funds are several healthcare operations, reflecting the administration’s comprehensive approach to combating hunger and promoting healthy lifestyles. Ascension, for instance, plans to utilize the funding to establish hospital-based produce markets across all its sites with food retail locations.


These commitments form part of the White House’s broader initiative, the Challenge to End Hunger and Build Healthy Communities. Under this initiative, organizations and stakeholders are called upon to collaborate in the collective effort to eradicate hunger and combat diet-related diseases nationwide by the year 2030.


This announcement marks the second round of commitments made by the Biden-Harris Administration aimed at addressing hunger and diet-related health challenges. It underscores the administration’s ongoing commitment to prioritizing public health and wellness initiatives, particularly in the realm of nutrition and food security.


As the nation continues to grapple with the multifaceted impacts of hunger and diet-related diseases, the White House’s concerted efforts and financial investments represent a crucial step towards fostering healthier communities and ensuring access to nutritious food for all Americans. With collaborative partnerships and sustained commitment, the vision of ending hunger and promoting optimal health for every individual across the country by 2030 is within reach.




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