Vietnam Predicts Record-breaking Seafood Exports of USD 9.5 Billion

by Ella

According to a report by the local newspaper Vietnam News, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers has projected that Vietnam’s seafood exports will hit a record USD 9.5 billion in 2024.

In the initial months of 2024, Vietnam’s seafood exports showed promising signs, with a remarkable 64% surge in demand compared to the previous year, amounting to USD 750 million.


All major seafood product categories in Vietnam witnessed significant improvements in export performance compared to the same period last year. Particularly noteworthy was the surge in exports to China, which saw an increase of more than threefold, as reported by the association.


Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Thu Sac of the association acknowledged that challenges such as oversupply, high inventories, lower prices, and heightened competition persist. However, she expressed optimism about the second half of the year, anticipating stronger demand and higher prices as inventories typically decline.


In 2023, Vietnam’s seafood export revenue amounted to USD 9 billion, marking an 18% decline compared to the previous year.




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