China Drives Upturn In Russian Seafood Export Volumes

by Ella

Last year witnessed a significant surge in Russia’s seafood exports, defying expectations amidst ongoing Western sanctions, with Asian markets, led by China, playing a pivotal role in driving the upturn.

Official data released by Rosstat, Russia’s federal statistics service, revealed a notable 12 percent increase in seafood export volumes in 2023. A total of 2.2 million metric tons of seafood were exported by Russia during the year, underscoring the resilience of the country’s seafood industry despite geopolitical challenges.


The rise in seafood exports can be attributed to the proactive approach adopted by Russian seafood producers, who swiftly pivoted their focus towards Asian markets following the imposition of sanctions by the United States and select European countries in response to the Ukraine crisis in early 2022. This strategic shift in export destinations has allowed Russian seafood producers to capitalize on the growing demand for seafood in Asia, particularly in China, as well as explore new markets in regions such as Africa and Latin America.


The increasing reliance on Asian markets reflects a broader trend in Russia’s economic reorientation towards the East, as the country seeks to diversify its export destinations and reduce dependence on Western markets. With Asian buyers showing a strong appetite for Russian seafood products, the outlook for the country’s seafood industry remains positive, despite geopolitical uncertainties and trade tensions on the global stage.




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