Icy Weather Puts Hong Kong Vegetable Farms at Risk, Anticipating 30% Loss

by Ella

Hong Kong’s vegetable farms in the New Territories are facing a potential crisis as icy weather grips the region, with farmers bracing for a significant 30% loss in vegetable production.

The chairperson of the Hong Kong New Territories Local Farmers Association, Wong, highlighted the adverse impact of the harsh weather on farmlands in the region. The conditions, characterized by cold winds and rain, have raised concerns about the well-being of crops, although no instances of freezing have been reported so far.


In areas like Yin Kong Tsuen, temperatures plummeted to 4 degrees Celsius, causing damage to the roots of crops such as Chinese kale, which experienced shrinkage due to the cold. Wong emphasized the potential escalation of the situation if the chilly weather persists and freezing conditions occur.


To counteract the effects of the frost, Wong has implemented measures such as covering the vegetables with a mesh tunnel to prevent frost formation. Despite these efforts, the ongoing cold weather continues to pose a substantial threat to the vegetable yield in the region. The local farming community remains vigilant as they navigate the challenges brought about by the current weather conditions.




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