6 Cooking Trends We Want To Say Goodbye To In 2024

by Ella

As we step into the new year, the culinary world anticipates fresh innovations and exciting trends in the food and hospitality industry. However, as we bid farewell to the past, it’s essential to acknowledge the trends that have overstayed their welcome. Here are six culinary trends that I hope to see less of in 2024:

1. Alternative Proteins: Beyond the Meatless Hype

The landscape of vegetarian dining has evolved, offering an array of plant-based “meats” designed to mimic the taste and texture of their animal counterparts. While these alternatives may resemble the real thing, the question remains: do consumers truly desire them? Many fake animal proteins are highly processed and laden with sodium, challenging the perception that they are a healthier option. As a meat eater, if I’m taking a break from beef, a flavorful vegetable dish seems more appealing than imitation meat.


2. Four-Hands Dinners: Gimmicks or Culinary Artistry?

Collaborations between top chefs in the form of four-hands dinners have become commonplace, creating an air of excitement. However, the increasing frequency of these events may indicate underlying challenges in the industry, with restaurants struggling to attract patrons. While such collaborations can be intriguing, let’s hope chefs find themselves too occupied in their kitchens to seek out collaborative gimmicks.


3. Truffles Overload: A Truffle for Every Dish?

Once an exclusive and rare luxury, truffles have become ubiquitous, finding their way into every culinary nook and cranny. From burger shacks to pretentious cha chaan tengs, truffle oil is used liberally to “elevate” dishes. However, when the aroma becomes overwhelming and truffle features in every course of a tasting menu, it loses its appeal. Like many things, truffles are best enjoyed in moderation.


4. Let’s (Not) Get Loud: Dining in Peace, Please

Some chefs aspire to be rock stars, evident in their curated playlists turned up to an ear-splitting volume. While musical cred adds a certain vibe to a restaurant, diners may find it disruptive, especially when trying to engage in conversation. The enjoyment of a convivial meal should not be overshadowed by the need to shout over the background music.


5. Eating on Stools (or Lounge Sofas): A Matter of Comfort

While high stools and low sofas may appeal to designers for their aesthetic value, they often miss the mark in terms of customer comfort. Climbing up to sit on a high stool can be an unwelcome challenge, and sinking into a soft couch during a meal raises questions about proper posture. For many, these seating choices make it challenging for adults to enjoy a proper dining experience.

6. Tomahawk Steaks: Novelty or Overplayed Fad?

The Tomahawk steak, once a novelty cut of beef, has become a predictable choice that comes at an extra cost. Originally a fun spectacle, it has now turned into banal Instagram fodder. In 2024, it’s time to move beyond this showboating cut and explore other culinary delights without the premium attached to a bone-in rib-eye.

As we embrace the culinary landscape of 2024, let’s look forward to fresh, innovative trends that captivate our taste buds and leave behind those that have worn out their welcome.



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