Canadian Consumers Brace for Continued Rise in Food Prices in 2024, Dalhousie University Survey Reveals

by Ella

A recent survey conducted by Dalhousie University indicates that an overwhelming four out of five Canadians anticipate a further increase in food prices throughout 2024. The New Year’s Food Resolution survey sheds light on the concerns of consumers as they prepare for potential challenges in their food-buying habits.

In response to these expectations, a significant majority of surveyed shoppers express their intention to modify their food purchasing behavior. Notably, 19% of respondents from Saskatchewan have indicated plans to curtail expenditures on fresh produce as a cost-saving measure.


Sylvain Charelbios, the Director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie, comments on the survey findings, stating, “People are willing to make an extra effort in order to save at the grocery store. A lot of people are suffocating because of shelter costs essentially, so they have a lot less money to spend on food.”


One Regina resident, known as the ‘YQR Couponbae’ on social media for sharing money-saving shopping tips, offers practical advice for those seeking to trim their expenses. “Don’t be shy to price match. Everyone is trying to save money,” she advises, emphasizing the importance of exploring weekly deals and utilizing applicable coupons to maximize savings.


The Dalhousie survey also underscores the positive impact of minimizing food waste on managing the overall food budget. Charelbios notes, “You can repurpose food, eat leftovers more often, you can actually be a little more careful with how you manage your food at home.”


As Canadians gear up to navigate potentially higher food costs, the survey outcomes suggest a proactive approach among consumers, with a willingness to adapt their purchasing behaviors and explore money-saving strategies in response to economic uncertainties.



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