Smoked Salmon Makes a Resurgence on European Menus, Reports Norwegian Seafood Council

by Ella

As Christmas approaches, the Norwegian Seafood Council announces the welcome return of smoked salmon to many European markets, signaling a recovery from the sales decline experienced during the pandemic. Poland emerges as a key player in this revival, leading the growth in smoked salmon sales and standing as Norway’s largest processing market for both fresh and cured salmon.

Paul T Aandahl, an analyst at the Seafood Council, notes the shift in consumer behavior, stating, “After the pandemic, we saw a fall in home consumption of smoked salmon in Europe. Now we are again seeing volume growth in several of the major countries in Europe.” The timing is particularly significant with the upcoming festive season, traditionally the peak period for smoked salmon sales.


In addition to the positive news on smoked salmon, November proves to be a fruitful month for farmed trout exports, witnessing a substantial 31% increase in volume sales to 6,397 tonnes. The export value for November rises by 25% to NOK 561 million (£41 million), with Ukraine, the United States, and Lithuania emerging as key markets.


Surprisingly, war-torn Ukraine stands out as the largest single market for farmed trout in November, experiencing an impressive 171% increase in export value compared to the previous year. Paul T. Aandahl highlights the significance of this development, stating, “This is the first time since the war started that Ukraine became our biggest market for trout.” Notably, Ukraine also ranks as Norway’s 15th largest salmon market in November, with a total export value of NOK 209 million (£15 million), marking a 44% increase from the same period last year.


The positive trend extends to farmed cod sales, a category that has steadily gained momentum over the past few years. Exports in volume surge by an impressive 93% compared to the previous year, totaling 960 tonnes. The export value reaches NOK 56 million (just over £4 million), constituting 39% of the total value of all fresh cod exports in November, according to seafood analyst Eivind Hestvik Brækkan at the Norwegian Seafood Council. This reflects the continued progress of farmed cod in the global seafood market.




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