Pinterest Predicts Tropical Food and Melty Mashups to Dominate Culinary Trends in 2024

by Ella

As the year draws to a close, prognostications about the next culinary craze are flooding in from various sources. Joining the ranks of forecasters is Pinterest, whose “Pinterest Predicts 2024” list, compiled by Sydney Stanback, global trends and insights lead, and her team, relies on search trend data from 482 million users to identify the upcoming trends in music, entertaining, style, home design, wellness, and, notably, food and drink.

Topping the list of food trends anticipated to surge in 2024 is the reign of tropical-themed cuisine. Pinterest predicts a fusion of escapism and aesthetic pleasure with Boomers and Gen Z enthusiasts driving the trend. From hibiscus prints to delectable mocktails, the platform notes a significant spike in interest. Searches for “Pineapple mocktails” have surged by 70%, accompanied by a 50% rise for “Crushed pineapple upside-down cake.” The “Coconut aesthetic” and “Hawaiian sheet pan chicken” are also on the rise, each experiencing a 35% increase in searches.


Another standout in the Pinterest prophecy is the emergence of “Melty Mashups” as a culinary force in 2024. This trend encompasses recipes that ingeniously combine two comfort food favorites into one tantalizing dish. Examples include burger quesadillas, carbonara ramen, and cheeseburger tacos. Sydney Stanback, in an exclusive interview with Food & Wine, explained, “We’ve seen a lot of bold takes across a variety of categories such as fashion, home, and especially food… What also makes this trend stand out is that it’s really grounded in comfort foods across a variety of cuisines.”


While the “Melty Mashups” trend may sound reminiscent of the fusion and chaos cooking trends of the past, Pinterest suggests this may be an evolution of unexpected food combinations. Stanback herself favors the pizza pot pie, describing it as a modern take on the traditional deep-dish pizza, particularly suited for cold Chicago temperatures.


As we eagerly await the verdict on whether “Melty Mashups” will stand the test of time, Pinterest enthusiasts can get a head start by exploring recipes for French Onion Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Cacio e Pepe Pasta Pie, and Chicken Pot Pie Cornbread Muffins, ensuring their kitchens are on the cutting edge of culinary trends in 2024.




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