Highland Fine Cheeses Launches “Minger,” Dubbed World’s Smelliest Cheese, at Asda Stores for Christmas

by Ella

Scotland is set to experience a pungent addition to its festive culinary offerings, as Highland Fine Cheeses introduces its artisan creation, “Minger,” renowned as one of the world’s smelliest cheeses, exclusively at Asda stores this Christmas.

The exclusive deal will see the “decadently pungent” Minger available in 54 Asda stores across Scotland. Rory Stone, the proprietor of Highland Fine Cheeses, with over 50 years of cheese-making expertise, expressed pride in securing this milestone collaboration with the supermarket giant.


Stone reflected on the journey of the family business, stating, “The business has come a long way from making cheese in the bathtub to seeing it on the supermarket shelves!” He highlighted that while their cheeses maintain a handmade touch, they are now crafted in their Tain-based dairy.


Minger, recognized for its robust aroma and runny texture when ripe, is part of the exclusive Asda deal, alongside two other offerings from Highland Fine Cheeses – Fat Cow and Blue Murder.


Fat Cow, designed as a Swiss cheese alternative, caters to culinary applications calling for this type of cheese. On the other hand, Blue Murder boasts a mould-ripened profile with a hearty flavor.


Asda’s local buying manager, Ashley Connolly, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are continually looking for opportunities to work with the best local suppliers to find really quality and innovative products, so we’re over the moon about our new partnership with Highland Fine Cheeses.” He commended the company’s commitment to product excellence, citing improved packaging for enhanced shelf visibility.

Connolly affirmed that the Highland Fine Cheese products, including the distinctive Minger, will be available just in time for the Christmas season, anticipating their prominent place on festive cheeseboards across Scotland.



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