2024 Food Trends: A Culinary Exploration from Korean Fusion to Fluffy Meringue Delights

by Ella

Anticipating the palates of Americans in the coming year, the food landscape is poised to witness a diverse array of trends, from cultural fusions to innovative dessert offerings. The predictions encompass cultural fusion cooking, savory pies, layers of fluffy meringue, and a spotlight on Korean cuisine, among other delights.

Savory cocktails are set to make a statement in 2024, with concoctions like the Caprese Martini taking center stage. This trending recipe, featuring tomato-infused vodka and basil, promises a flavorful umami experience. Bartenders are pushing boundaries by incorporating monosodium glutamate (MSG) not only in soups but also in cocktails, elevating flavors in unexpected ways, as per the report.


For enthusiasts of Asian cuisine, Korean culture, particularly its diverse food offerings, emerges as a major trend for 2024. Anticipate the rise of Korean fried chicken fast food joints, Korean barbecue establishments, and high-end steak restaurants proliferating nationwide. The report notes a staggering 450% increase in sales of rice cakes, a key ingredient in the popular Korean street food dish tteokbokki, in 2023.


Exploring the savory flavors of the Middle East, borek pies are predicted to grace more menus, similar to a spanakopita but with unique fillings such as ground meats, cheese, spinach, or potatoes encased in a thin, flaky pastry.


The Italian culinary scene is not left behind, with Mortebella poised to become the next trend, making its mainstream mark on pizzas and sandwiches with pistachio cream.


Vegetable enthusiasts can look forward to the rising star of celeriac, a root vegetable from the celery family. The delicate balance of sweet and earthy flavors is expected to tantalize taste buds in various dishes throughout the upcoming year.

Algae, recognized as one of the top 10 most discussed trends in online food conversations, is predicted to make a significant impact. With its touted health benefits, algae is set to hit the shelves in the form of oils and find its way into an increasing array of foods and beverages.

Finally, for dessert aficionados, the meringue takes center stage in 2024. Expect to encounter more layers of fluffy white cakes adorned with an assortment of toppings and infused with innovative flavors while indulging in culinary delights throughout the upcoming year.



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