Japanese Restaurants Abroad Triple Over Past Decade to 187,000

by Ella

In a remarkable trend, the number of Japanese restaurants outside Japan has surged more than threefold in the last decade, reaching approximately 187,000 establishments in 2023. The exponential growth is attributed to the global expansion of Japan’s eatery chains, as revealed in a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.

Comparing the data to the previous survey in 2021, the restaurant count witnessed a 20 percent increase. Notably, the Ministry identified the rising interest of anime fans in Central and South America as a contributing factor to this growth.


Continental Contributions: Asia and Europe Lead the Way

Breaking down the expansion by region, both Asia and Europe experienced significant gains of approximately 20 percent from 2021, resulting in restaurant totals of 122,000 and 16,400, respectively. This surge is not only indicative of the global popularity of Japanese cuisine but also fuels expectations for increased growth in Japan’s agriculture and seafood exports.


Countrywise Breakdown: China Takes the Lead

Among the countries with Japanese restaurants abroad, China emerged as the leader with a staggering 78,760 establishments. Following closely were the United States at 26,040 and South Korea at 18,210. This global phenomenon reflects the widespread appeal of Japanese culinary offerings.


Industry Giants Expanding Globally

Major players in the Japanese food service industry have seized opportunities for international expansion. Royal Holdings Co., for instance, now operates over 30 Tendon Tenya outlets across four Asian countries and Hong Kong. Their strategic expansion began with the opening of the first store in Thailand in 2013. Tendon Tenya’s success lies in featuring the popular tempura dish renowned for its light batter and sweet-savory sauce. Notably, the chain adapts its offerings in Thailand, infusing local flavors such as holy basil sauce and catfish to cater to regional taste preferences.


The success story extends to eateries located in department store dining areas, where Japanese-style store operations have become a global fascination. Individuals worldwide are seizing the opportunity to work in such establishments, gaining insights into Japanese culinary practices.

North America Faces Setback, Central and South America Thrive

Despite a 10 percent decrease in the number of Japanese restaurants in North America, reaching 28,600 in 2023 due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Central and South America experienced a surge. The restaurant count in these regions nearly doubled from 2021 levels to 12,900. The rising demand for Japanese cuisine in these areas is attributed to the immense popularity of anime series like “One Piece” and “Demon Slayer.” Additionally, a change in the survey method played a role in uncovering previously unaccounted establishments, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.

As Japanese culinary culture continues its global spread, these numbers underscore the widespread appreciation for and integration of Japanese cuisine into diverse culinary landscapes across the world.



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