King Charles Marks 75th Birthday with Launch of Anti-Food Poverty Initiative

by Ella

On the occasion of his 75th birthday, King Charles of Britain is set to unveil a new initiative aimed at combatting food poverty and reducing wastage. The monarch, known for his over five decades of active involvement in environmental advocacy and support for a sustainable economy, will formally introduce the ‘Coronation Food Project.’

The initiative, a testament to King Charles’ commitment to addressing pressing societal issues, particularly those related to hunger and food waste, seeks to create a bridge between these two challenges.


In an article penned for the “Big Issue,” a magazine typically distributed by homeless individuals, King Charles emphasized the urgency of addressing both food poverty and waste. He stated, “Food need is as real and urgent a problem as food waste – and if a way could be found to bridge the gap between them, then it would address two problems in one.”


The Coronation Food Project is poised to make a meaningful impact by tackling the dual issues of hunger and food wastage, aligning with the monarch’s enduring dedication to sustainable and socially responsible initiatives. As King Charles embarks on this milestone birthday, his commitment to effecting positive change remains unwavering, marking a significant chapter in his ongoing efforts to contribute to a more equitable and environmentally conscious society.




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