Horgos Port Facilitates Swift Delivery of Fresh Chinese Fruits to Kazakhstan

by Ella

In a seamless logistical operation, freshly harvested Chinese apples and nectarines make a swift transition from the morning orchards to trucks by midday, embarking on a near six-hour journey. Crossing the border from Horgos, these succulent fruits reach their destination in Almaty, Kazakhstan, offering locals the opportunity to relish the goodness of fresh Chinese produce.

Chairman of Jinyi Group, a prominent fruit and vegetable wholesaler, Yu Chengzhong, emphasized the transformative impact of the Western Europe-Western China Road on the transportation timeline. Previously, the journey from Horgos, situated in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, to Almaty took two to three days. The opening of the road and streamlined clearance processes have significantly reduced this transit time, ensuring a more efficient supply chain.


To uphold the quality of fresh agricultural products, a dedicated green channel was established at the port in 2019 to enhance customs clearance efficiency, as noted by Chen Pengde, Deputy Head of Horgos Customs.


Yu Chengzhong further emphasized that the shortened transportation time not only guarantees the freshness of the fruits but also contributes to cost reduction and improved operational efficiency for businesses involved in the trade.


As a seasoned participant in the fruit trade for almost three decades, Yu Chengzhong, who arrived in Xinjiang from Central China’s Henan province in 1988, represents the pioneering entrepreneurs who entered business following the opening of Horgos Port. Over the years, he has witnessed both the port’s growth and the broader development of the region. Being part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), he acknowledges the significant benefits derived from this global infrastructure project.


Initially unfamiliar with the BRI, Yu Chengzhong, through his engagement in foreign trade, has come to realize that the initiative not only propels the interests of Chinese enterprises but also fosters positive outcomes for the partner countries involved in the BRI.

A noteworthy trend highlighted by Yu Chengzhong is the escalating demand from Central Asian countries and Russia for Chinese agricultural products, particularly fruits sourced from Xinjiang. With the improved transportation infrastructure, citizens in these countries can access more affordable Chinese produce.

Reflecting the positive impact of these developments, Yu Chengzhong’s company is experiencing a surge in orders, projecting an estimated export trade value of $1.5 billion for the current year. From January to October, the company has already exported nearly 150,000 tons of agricultural products, almost doubling the total from the previous year.

Customs statistics further validate this growth, revealing that from January to September of the current year, Horgos Port facilitated the export of 66,000 tons of fruits and vegetables—a notable year-on-year increase of 69 percent.



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