The Ascending Trajectory of Vegetable Oils in the Global Market

by Ella

The global vegetable oil market is on an upward trajectory, poised to reach a remarkable value of US$ 420.47 billion by 2028. Vegetable oils have solidified their status as the second most crucial food group worldwide, following cereals, and contribute approximately 10% of daily caloric intake per individual. While these oils are often associated with culinary applications, their importance transcends the kitchen.

What sets vegetable oils apart is their accessibility to a broad spectrum of consumers, particularly those with limited financial resources. Serving as an economical alternative to butter and animal fat-based products, vegetable oils have garnered favor among individuals seeking cost-effective options. Notably, imports account for nearly 40% of global consumption, surpassing other commodities like grains.


Furthermore, vegetable oils have found their utility well beyond the realm of cooking. They have become indispensable in the production of soap, biodiesel, cosmetics, pesticides, and various other industries. The consistent expansion of the vegetable oil market is underpinned by factors such as population growth, increasing per capita income, and the ongoing shift toward urbanization. With the world’s population continuing to burgeon and economies flourishing, the demand for vegetable oil as a renewable energy source remains robust.


The regions of Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa have witnessed significant growth in palm oil production. Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka have emerged as prominent players in the global market. The improvement in living standards in developing nations within these regions has brought about shifts in dietary preferences, leading to heightened demand for processed food products. With increased awareness of the health benefits associated with vegetable oils, consumers are willing to invest more in premium products to meet their nutritional requirements.




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