Frozen Food Manufacturer Expanding in California

by Ella

Ruiz Food Products, Inc., a leading producer of prepared frozen foods distributed to various channels, is set to expand its manufacturing capacity in Vernon, California, by 150,000 square feet. This expansion will involve the construction of two new buildings in Vernon, near the assets previously acquired from Culinary International, LLC by Ruiz Food last year.

The company’s popular products, including El Monterey and Tornados, have seen increasing demand, necessitating additional manufacturing space. Kimberli Carroll, Chief Operating Officer of Ruiz Food Products, stated, “The first production line is scheduled to be operational in the first half of our fiscal year 2025.”


The expansion is expected to bolster the company’s capacity for flexible manufacturing on the West Coast, further enhancing its ability to serve its growing customer base. Carroll emphasized their commitment to customers and the company’s dedication to core values of innovation, safety, quality, teamwork, integrity, and respect.


Ruiz Food Products operates across the United States and employs more than 4,500 people in five facilities.




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