Community Rallies to Distribute Emergency Food Supplies in Flood-Hit Aberfoyle

by Ella

In the wake of severe flooding that submerged the picturesque village of Aberfoyle in Stirlingshire, a remarkable display of community resilience and volunteer efforts has emerged. As the village’s sole supermarket, the Co-op, was forced to shut its doors due to the floodwaters, the community hall has been transformed into a lifeline for residents in need of essential food supplies.

The flooding was triggered by torrential rain, exacerbated by an amber weather warning issued by the Met Office over the weekend, which saw large areas of Scotland receive an entire month’s average rainfall in just one day. The situation left Aberfoyle’s streets inundated, with water levels reaching knee-height, and caused residential oil tanks to topple, raising concerns about potential pollution.


NHS Forth Valley quickly urged individuals concerned about exposure to oil residue to contact ambulance crews on-site. The village hall, recognizing the need for immediate assistance, was designated as a distribution center for residents unable to access food and essential supplies from farther afield.


Community volunteer Beverley Clark recounted the harrowing events to BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland program, describing how the village’s main street began to “fill up” with water on Saturday morning when the River Forth overflowed its banks.


According to a Co-op spokesperson, the water in the village’s store had risen to knee height, and initial assessments suggest the store may remain closed until the end of the week. A thorough cleaning process and damage assessments are required before the store can safely reopen.


The Co-op’s closure underscores its pivotal role as Aberfoyle’s only supermarket, serving a broad catchment area that includes Kinlochard and Gartmore. Prior to its temporary closure, the Co-op generously donated perishable food items to the village hall’s collection.

The resilience of the Aberfoyle community has shone through as locals and charitable organizations rallied to donate supplies, concerned about fellow residents who found themselves cut off from their community due to flooded roads.

Fiona Stuart, a visitor to the village hall’s food larder, emphasized the critical role of these food distribution efforts, stating, “There is nowhere to buy food, and unless I drove during the floods, which would be senseless. There are also quite a lot of people who are retired here and on their own and no one can drive them to get food.”

She continued, “I think everyone knows this village hall is open with food and such, and if they can’t get up, someone else can come up.”

For many residents, the flood represented the most severe they had witnessed in decades. As the waters did not recede even after the rain stopped, some found themselves isolated for days.

In addition to the immediate challenges posed by flooding, two residential oil tanks in the village toppled over, releasing fuel oil into the floodwaters. This contaminated water now sits in people’s basements, creating potential health hazards.

The NHS Forth Valley highlighted this situation, stating that the flooding had been “exacerbated after kerosene entered the water course, posing a potential threat to public health in the area.”

While most roads in the region are no longer submerged, a yellow weather warning for rain remains in place for Argyll, Glasgow, and the West Highlands, from 06:00 to 21:00 on Tuesday. The Met Office has expressed concerns regarding this volume of rainfall, given the already saturated grounds, full lochs, and rivers.

As Beverley Clark emphasized, “It could all come up again, and the worst thing is the blocking of the roads – cutting people off from the community.” The resilience and solidarity of the Aberfoyle community are shining through in the face of adversity as they work together to provide essential support during these challenging times.



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