IDF Urges Preparedness: Israelis Advised to Stock Up on Food, Water for Potential Conflict

by Ella

The Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) Home Front Command has issued a reminder to Israeli citizens, urging them to ensure they have sufficient supplies of food, water, and essential provisions to last at least 72 hours, as the specter of conflict looms on the horizon.

In a statement, the Home Front Command emphasized, “The campaign may be long, and it is important that each family ensures it has water, food, medicine, and necessary equipment for emergency situations.”


The advisory includes recommendations for individuals to review the location of their nearest bomb shelter and ensure they have a clear and safe path to reach it promptly.


Specifically, the Home Front Command advises that safe rooms be equipped with three liters of water per person per day, along with ample supplies of non-perishable food items. Additionally, the recommended provisions include flashlights, batteries, mobile phones, battery-powered radios, as well as mobile charger banks. First aid kits, necessary medications, and the safekeeping of essential documents such as ID cards and cash are also part of the preparedness guidelines.


It’s crucial to note that the IDF emphasizes that these instructions are not new; rather, they are part of standard advice provided to the public to ensure readiness for various potential situations.




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