Moroccan Potato Exports Hit 5-Year Low Despite Expanding Markets

by Ella

Morocco, renowned for its status as a global supplier of fruits and vegetables, has witnessed a surge in its exports of various agricultural products. However, in a notable exception, Moroccan fresh potato exports have experienced a consistent decline over the past few years, reaching a five-year low during the 2022/23 marketing year (MY).

Approximately four years ago, Moroccan potato exporters successfully shipped around 100,000 tons of their produce, valued at $26 million, to international markets. Regrettably, this trend has seen a steady decline since then, with external sales diminishing almost annually by 44-48%. This decline in exports has had a significant impact on the industry, causing export revenue to plummet nearly fivefold over the past few years. Consequently, Morocco has slipped from the 21st position in global potato exporters in 2019 to the 25th spot in 2022.


The current season has presented even grimmer statistics. Between July and June, a mere 27,900 tons of Moroccan potatoes found their way to foreign markets. Consequently, sales revenues for this staple crop hit a five-year low at just $5.7 million.


Notably, the geographical scope of Moroccan potato exports has broadened substantially. In the 2016/17 MY, Moroccan potatoes were shipped to only 24 foreign markets, whereas they now reach consumers in 44 countries.


Although European nations dominate the list of global potato importers, Moroccan potato exports primarily cater to African countries. In particular, Sub-Saharan regions of Africa, notably the western Sahel region, are significant consumers of Moroccan tubers. Nations such as Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Senegal, and, notably, Mali, receive almost half of Morocco’s potato exports. The challenging climate in this region, characterized by erratic weather patterns ranging from storms and floods to droughts, necessitates the importation of foreign fruit and vegetable products.


In February 2023, the Moroccan government imposed a ban on the export of potatoes, onions, and tomatoes to African countries as part of its efforts to combat rising commodity prices. This policy undoubtedly impacted foreign trade and contributed to the subdued results for the 2022/23 season.

This analysis primarily focuses on ware potatoes, excluding seed potatoes. Moroccan growers have limited involvement in exporting seed potatoes, and notably, seed potato imports have witnessed rapid growth. In the 2022/23 MY, Morocco recorded the highest volume of seed potato imports in the past five years.

Taking into account the growing imports of seed potatoes, it is plausible to anticipate an increase in potato production in the upcoming season, potentially leading to a resurgence in exports. The realization of this forecast will be closely monitored as the season progresses.



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