Persistent Food Insecurity Grips Americans as Pandemic-Era Benefits Fade Away

by Ella

Despite the passage of six months since the conclusion of government assistance programs aimed at mitigating pandemic-related challenges, a recent report sheds light on the enduring crisis of food insecurity. Propel Inc., an organization aiding in the administration of benefits, has released a revealing report indicating that even now, half of households relying on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, continue to grapple with food shortages. Additionally, more than 30% of these households are seeking assistance from food pantries, while another 30% are leaning on friends and family to put food on the table.

This comprehensive survey, conducted in early September, canvassed the experiences of 2,584 respondents, primarily hailing from households with incomes at or below the poverty line. The root causes of this persistent food insecurity are multifaceted, encompassing both the lingering high prices of essential food items and the termination of pandemic-era SNAP expansions. The consequences of this ongoing struggle are felt acutely by food pantries nationwide, which are under increasing pressure to meet the demand for assistance.




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