Hunger Action Month Declared by South Texas Food Bank in Collaboration with Local Authorities

by Ella

Laredo, Texas – September has been officially designated as Hunger Action Month, with the South Texas Food Bank spearheading the initiative to raise awareness about hunger in the community.

Laredo Mayor Dr. Victor Trevino issued the proclamation during a ceremony held at the South Texas Food Bank, located on Jefferson St., earlier today.


Leaders and advocates emphasize that cultivating awareness about hunger is pivotal in supporting the food bank’s ongoing efforts to combat food insecurity.


Throughout the month of September, the South Texas Food Bank has actively engaged volunteers, urging them to witness firsthand the pressing need for food assistance.


Alma Boubel, Executive Director of the South Texas Food Bank, emphasized, “We organize various events throughout the month, drawing volunteers from diverse local organizations. These activities allow volunteers to gain insight into the extensive efforts required to provide food assistance to the 165,000 individuals we serve on a monthly basis.”


Webb County also issued its own proclamation in alignment with this crucial awareness campaign, joining forces with cities and counties across South Texas in the shared commitment to combat hunger in the region.



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