Former McDonald’s Chef Unveils the Secret Behind Ordering a Perfect Burger

by Ella

McDonald’s enthusiasts are no strangers to creative ordering hacks and menu customization. However, a recent viral revelation from a former McDonald’s corporate chef has taken social media by storm, promising to elevate your McDonald’s burger to new heights.

The ingenious tip originates from none other than Mike Haracz, a former McDonald’s corporate chef known for sharing insider information and ordering tricks related to the fast-food giant on his TikTok page (@chefmikeharacz). In a video that has already garnered over 286,000 views, Haracz implores McDonald’s fans to make a simple request during their next burger order: ask for a steamed bun.


“I’m a former McDonald’s corporate chef, and many people have been seeking new ordering ideas or little hacks for the restaurant, and I have one for you,” Haracz explains. “You need to visit your local McDonald’s. Order a double cheeseburger or a McDouble, and then request a steamed bun. Try it out, and let me know your thoughts. I’m confident you’ll love it, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried this steamed bun hack before.”


Haracz shared with Eat This, Not That! that requesting a steamed bun can provide a unique and enhanced experience of McDonald’s burgers. “It’s hotter, and I believe it allows you to savor the burger’s ingredients more. I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘better,’ but it offers a different dining experience. Some people might prefer it.”


Feedback from McDonald’s customers who have put this hack to the test has been overwhelmingly positive. One TikTok user went so far as to claim that the hack “will change your life,” while another declared that ordering steamed buns resulted in “the best” McDonald’s burgers they’ve ever had.


However, potential experimenters should bear a few considerations in mind before rushing to their local McDonald’s. Some have reported instances where McDonald’s staff declined the request due to issues with their steam machines. Additionally, requesting steamed buns may lead to a slightly longer wait for your food, but many find this to be a worthwhile trade-off for an exceptional end product.

“I always order a steamed bun. A McDouble with [Big Mac] & lettuce on a steamed bun… the order takes longer, but it’s worth it,” one enthusiastic fan commented.

This isn’t the first insider tip Mike Haracz has shared with McDonald’s fans. Just recently, he unveiled a “better and cheaper” way to enjoy a Big Mac by ordering a McDouble with all the classic Big Mac toppings. Furthermore, in a viral video last month, he explained that the beloved but discontinued Snack Wraps might never return to the menu due to their complexity compared to other items.

Haracz’s insights continue to resonate with McDonald’s enthusiasts seeking to elevate their fast-food experience through creative ordering and customization.



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