Japan’s Fishing Industry Receives Influx of Donations Amid China’s Seafood Suspension

by Ella

In the wake of China’s recent suspension of seafood imports from Japan, Japanese citizens are rallying behind their nation’s fishing industry through a tax-reduction initiative. The program, known as “furusato nozei,” enables individuals to make donations to their preferred municipalities, in exchange for tax deductions and accompanying gifts.

China’s ban on all seafood imports from Japan was enacted in response to the discharge of treated and diluted water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, dealing a significant blow to Japan’s fishing sector.


Betsukai, a coastal town located in the northern Hokkaido prefecture, turned to social media to solicit donations under this national tax program, aiming to mitigate the ban’s impact.


Matsumoto Hiroshi, an official from Betsukai Town, expressed concern about the potential decline in the catch’s value due to the prolonged import ban. Hiroshi stated, “I hope that if we can find a way to encourage scallop consumption, it will help support the price.”


Since China’s announcement of the import ban on August 24, daily donations under the furusato nozei program have skyrocketed, with figures reaching up to eight times the levels recorded a year prior.


Among those who responded to the donation plea, many selected scallops as their preferred gift, acknowledging their contributions to Japan’s fishing industry.



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