Lipids in Human Nutrition Market Projected to Surpass USD 23.31 Billion by 2030

by Ella

Anticipated to scale new heights, the global Lipids in Human Nutrition market is on track to achieve a substantial valuation of USD 23.31 billion by the year 2030. This meteoric rise is projected to be underscored by a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.9% during the forecast period spanning 2023 to 2030, as outlined in the most recent research report by Skyquest. A convergence of factors including the burgeoning elderly populace, escalating demand for functional foods and supplements, the burgeoning sports and fitness sector, an upswing in vegetarian and vegan dietary preferences, progressive breakthroughs in lipid extraction and processing, an expanding footprint of the food and beverage industry, intensified marketing endeavors for lipid-rich offerings, shifts in consumer lifestyles and dietary choices, and the surge in disposable income within emerging economies collectively stand as the bedrock for this market’s phenomenal expansion.

Westford, USA, August 18, 2023—Pioneering a comprehensive insight into the global landscape of the Lipids in Human Nutrition market, SkyQuest’s recent research affirms that a plethora of dynamic trends are propelling this growth trajectory. Personalized nutrition, the ascendancy of clean label mandates and natural constituents, the ascendancy of plant-based and vegan lipid sources, the spotlight on omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, functional lipids that confer targeted health benefits, a pivot towards sustainable sourcing and production practices, the emergence of innovative lipid delivery systems, the ascendancy of personalized dietary supplements, pioneering studies in lipidomics and metabolomics, the fusion of nutrigenomics and gene-based nutrition, the design of precision-targeted lipid formulations catering to distinct age cohorts, as well as the convenience-driven proliferation of on-the-go lipid-enriched snacks and beverages, all coalesce to substantiate the momentum underpinning the market’s robust growth trajectory.




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