Seven Million in South Sudan Face Food Insecurity Crisis: UN

by Ella

More than seven million people in South Sudan are facing acute food insecurity in the coming months, with tens of thousands at risk of experiencing a “catastrophic” level of famine, the United Nations warned on Tuesday.

“An estimated 7.1 million people will likely be experiencing high levels of acute food insecurity between April and July 2024,” the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced in a statement.


Catastrophic Levels of Famine

The statement highlighted that within this group, “79,000 people are at risk of a Catastrophic level (IPC Phase 5)” — which is equivalent to famine. This dire situation is primarily affecting areas hit by climate-related shocks, economic crises, and ongoing conflicts.


Persistent Instability

South Sudan, which gained independence in 2011 as the world’s youngest country, continues to be plagued by instability and violence. Nearly 13 years after its independence, the country remains embroiled in turmoil that exacerbates the humanitarian crisis.


Humanitarian Needs

A total of nine million people in South Sudan require humanitarian aid. The situation has been exacerbated by the conflict in neighboring Sudan. Since the fighting began in April 2023, at least 670,000 people have fled to South Sudan from the north, according to OCHA. Of these refugees, approximately 80 percent are South Sudanese who had previously sought refuge in Sudan.


Pressure on Services

“This influx of returnees and refugees continues to put additional pressure on limited services at border points and areas of destination,” OCHA stated.

Funding Shortfalls

The UN’s $1.8 billion humanitarian response plan for South Sudan this year is severely underfunded, with only 11 percent of the required funds currently secured.

The Broader Crisis

The crisis in South Sudan is a stark reminder of the compounded impacts of climate change, economic instability, and conflict on vulnerable populations. The international community’s support and attention are crucial to address these urgent needs and prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the region.



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