Study Finds After-School Pickup Hour Negatively Impacts Children’s Diets

by Ella

Researchers from Boston Medical Center and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have shed light on a concerning trend regarding the dietary habits of young children during a specific time of day.

A study conducted by the aforementioned institutions compared the dietary intake of over 300 children in childcare settings. The findings revealed a significant disparity in the consumption of essential food groups, particularly in the hour preceding and following school pickup.


During this critical window, children consumed fewer servings of dairy and vegetables compared to other periods throughout the day. Moreover, researchers observed that within the hour after pickup, children ingested approximately 20 percent of their daily caloric intake, accompanied by 22 percent of their daily sugar consumption. These figures primarily stemmed from the consumption of sweet and salty snack foods and sugary beverages.


Transition periods, such as school pickup, often present challenges for both parents and children. However, researchers emphasize the importance of being mindful of snack choices offered to children during these times. By making conscious decisions about post-school snacks, parents can positively impact their children’s overall dietary habits and long-term health outcomes.




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