Uzbekistan’s Fruit and Vegetable Exports to Russia Surge in First Quarter

by Ella

Uzbekistan’s agricultural exports to Russia witnessed a remarkable surge in the initial quarter of the year, with fruit and vegetable shipments totaling approximately 70 thousand tons. This significant rise marks a substantial increase from the 39.5 thousand tons recorded during the corresponding period in 2023. Notably, various produce categories showcased impressive growth, as reported by citing the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Key Highlights:

White cabbage exports surged elevenfold to reach 38 thousand tons.


Persimmons experienced a notable 6.2-fold increase, reaching 1.5 thousand tons.


Cauliflower exports tripled, totaling 2.9 thousand tons.


Carrot shipments grew significantly, rising 3.3 times to 4.9 thousand tons.


Bilateral Trade Dynamics:

In the previous year, Uzbekistan maintained consistent exports of onions, nectarines, and peaches to Russia, underscoring the strong trade relationship between the two nations. Conversely, Russia exported feed, feed additives, and poultry meat to Uzbekistan, contributing to the bilateral trade flow.

Strategic Dialogue:

The surge in agricultural exports and the potential for further enhancing bilateral trade relations were central topics discussed during a recent meeting between Sergey Dankvert, head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, and Davron Vakhobov, Chairman of the Uzbek Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The constructive dialogue between the two leaders highlights the mutual commitment to fostering economic cooperation and exploring opportunities for trade expansion.


The substantial increase in Uzbekistan’s fruit and vegetable exports to Russia underscores the growing demand for Uzbek produce in the Russian market. As both countries continue to explore avenues for trade collaboration and investment, the agricultural sector emerges as a promising area for bolstering economic ties and promoting regional prosperity.



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