Brexit Border Model Sparks Concerns Over Rising Food Prices

by Ella

Amidst the ongoing Brexit transition, import charges imposed on goods entering the UK threaten to drive up food prices, raising concerns among industry experts and stakeholders.

Phil Pluck, Chief Executive of the Cold Chain Federation, has sounded the alarm on the potential consequences of these import charges. He warns that the resulting increase in business expenses could ultimately lead to elevated food prices, thereby limiting consumer choices and impacting accessibility.


The UK’s new border model, set to take effect in April, will introduce charges for importers bringing small quantities of products such as cheese, salami, and fish through ports like Dover or the Eurotunnel. These charges aim to offset the costs associated with operating border control posts established post-Brexit. Importantly, these fees will not apply to goods imported for personal use. Previously, meat and dairy imports enjoyed streamlined processes without extensive checks, a privilege no longer available under the new regulations.


The introduction of these import charges underscores the ongoing adjustments and challenges faced by businesses navigating the post-Brexit landscape. With concerns mounting over potential price hikes, stakeholders stress the importance of assessing and addressing the broader implications to ensure a sustainable and equitable food supply chain.




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