Jordan Intensifies Efforts to Halve Food Waste by 2030

by Ella

Jordan is stepping up its endeavors to tackle food waste through its national campaign “No to Food Waste,” as reported by the Jordan News Agency.

Agricultural Minister Khaled Hneifat made the announcement to coincide with the International Day of Zero Waste, observed last Saturday.


The country is confronted with a significant challenge, with annual food waste amounting to up to 1.136 million tons, equivalent to 101 kg per capita.


Hneifat emphasized that this volume of waste could sustainably feed 1.5 million people for a year, underscoring the critical need to conserve scarce natural resources and address water scarcity issues.


Jordan reaffirmed its commitment to reducing food waste, in line with the objectives of the “No to Food Waste” initiative, initially launched by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2022, and the targets outlined in the National Food Security Strategy 2021-2030.


The strategy, along with its 2022-2024 action plan, focuses on implementing innovative solutions to curb food wastage and raise public awareness about sustainable consumption practices.

The “No to Food Waste” initiative seeks to shift public behavior contributing to food wastage while also supporting entrepreneurial and research endeavors to devise waste management solutions. It aims to establish a framework for measuring food waste in collaboration with the Department of Statistics, with the ultimate aim of creating a national waste index.

The initiative has garnered participation from 37 teams across Jordan, with the top five most innovative ideas receiving a total of $45,000 to further develop their projects, complemented by additional support for food waste management initiatives.

Furthermore, the campaign strives to instill a nationwide culture of eliminating food waste by coordinating efforts across educational institutions, religious establishments, media platforms, and social incubators. The overarching goal is to slash food loss and waste by 50 percent by 2030.

Highlighting the breadth of the campaign’s reach, Hneifat called for a united national endeavor to foster a culture of responsible consumption and significantly reduce food waste across households, the hospitality sector, and beyond. This year-long initiative aims to educate Jordanians on the ramifications of food waste, targeting detrimental practices and promoting environmentally sustainable behaviors.



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