Brazil Holds the Third Position Globally in Fruit Production

by Ella

Brazil has cemented its status as the third-largest fruit producer in the world, only surpassed by China and India. The fruit sector contributes to 16% of the total agribusiness workforce, as reported by the Brazilian Association of Fruits and Derivatives (Abrafrutas).

Carlos Fávaro, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, highlighted Brazil’s evolving status as a pivotal player in the global food market, with fruits being a key component. The Federal Government’s commitment to opening new markets and leveraging opportunities for Brazilian fruits on the global stage was emphasized, reflecting the nation’s strategic focus on expanding its agricultural exports.


In 2023, Brazil’s fruit exports soared to a record US$1.35 billion, marking the highest point in its history. Since 2019, the country’s fruit exports have consistently surpassed the US$1 billion mark, witnessing a 24.5% growth last year. The European Union stands as the main recipient of Brazilian fruits, accounting for approximately half of the exports.


Roberto Perosa, Secretary of Trade and International Relations (SCRI), underscored the historic success in fruit exports, attributing it to the quality and diversity of Brazil’s produce. The recognition from the European Union and the United States was noted as a testament to Brazil’s competitive advantage in the global fruit market. Efforts to promote Brazilian fruits and explore new markets will persist, aiming to sustain and enhance this upward trajectory.


A chart overview from Datamar’s DataLiner maritime intelligence service, detailing fruit exports in containers from January to May over the past three years, was provided for further insight. This data highlights the consistent growth and robust performance of Brazil’s fruit export sector, reinforcing its significant role in the global agricultural market.


The future of Brazil’s fruit industry looks promising, with ongoing efforts to improve export processes, meet international standards, and explore new markets. This strategic approach ensures that Brazil remains a key player in the global fruit production and exportation landscape, contributing significantly to the nation’s economy and the global food supply chain.



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