Devastating Frosts in Czech Republic Slash Fruit Harvest by 77%, Apples Hit Hardest

by Ella

This year, the Czech Republic faces a catastrophic 77% reduction in its fruit harvest compared to the five-year average, due to severe spring frosts, reports Martin Ludvík, chairman of the Fruit Growers’ Union to iRozhlas.

Impact on Apples

In Bohemia alone, 90% of apple production has been devastated by the frosts, marking one of the worst crop damages in a century. This unprecedented severity primarily affects apples, which constitute a significant portion of Czech fruit production.


Varietal Impact

While traditionally sensitive fruits like apricots, peaches, plums, and cherries also suffered, damage to apricots and peaches was somewhat mitigated in southern Moravia, where frosts were less severe.


Economic Consequences

The reduced harvest is expected to lead to a substantial increase in fruit prices, especially apples, which are sold from autumn through the following summer. Similar to recent trends with cherries, apple prices are anticipated to rise sharply.


Challenges Ahead

January will be critical as the full impact on apple sales becomes evident, placing additional strain on orchards preparing for the next season. With apples constituting 80% of fruit growers’ sales and many farms being small family enterprises, up to two-thirds of growers face existential challenges.


Government Response

Agriculture Minister Marek Výborný announced state aid of CZK 70 to 100 million to support affected farmers, acknowledging that while full compensation is unfeasible, the government aims to help farmers survive this crisis.

This year’s devastating frosts have profoundly affected Czech fruit growers, particularly those dependent on apple production, highlighting the vulnerability of agricultural livelihoods to extreme weather events.



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