USDA Initiates Procurement for 1 Million Cartons of Fresh Apples and Pears for School Lunch Programs

by Ella

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is inviting proposals from produce distributors for the supply of fresh apples and pears, intended for use in school lunches and various feeding programs.

In a comprehensive 83-page document outlining the offer, the USDA plans to acquire over 1 million cartons of fruit, signaling a significant initiative to enhance the nutritional quality of meals provided in educational institutions.


The USDA has set a deadline for the announcement of purchase awards, aiming to finalize decisions by January 25th. The anticipated delivery schedule for the fruit spans from February 26th to May 29th in the year 2024.


Nick Wiber, designated as the contract specialist overseeing the procurement process, will be the point of contact for distributors interested in participating.


This procurement initiative aligns with the USDA’s commitment to promoting healthy eating habits among students by incorporating fresh and nutritious produce into school meal programs. The scale of the purchase underscores the USDA’s dedication to ensuring a steady and ample supply of high-quality fruits for the benefit of school children across the nation.


As the January 25th deadline approaches, the USDA anticipates a robust response from produce distributors eager to contribute to the success of school lunch and feeding programs. The procurement is a crucial step in fostering a healthier and more sustainable food environment within educational settings.



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