Moderate Low-Carb Diet Proven Safe and Effective for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes, University of Gothenburg Study Finds

by Ella

A recent study conducted at the University of Gothenburg reveals that a moderate low-carbohydrate diet offers advantages over traditional diets for adults with type 1 diabetes. The research, published in The Lancet Regional Health – Europe, is the largest of its kind to date, demonstrating that this dietary approach leads to a reduction in average blood sugar levels and an increase in time spent within the target range without any adverse health effects.

The study, spanning 16 weeks and involving 50 participants with type 1 diabetes, randomly assigned individuals to follow either a traditional diet with 50% of energy from carbohydrates or a moderate low-carbohydrate diet with 30% of energy from carbohydrates. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) was employed to monitor participants around the clock, with blood glucose levels recorded at least every 15 minutes.


The key findings of the study highlight the benefits of a moderate low-carbohydrate diet:

Increased Time in Target Range: Participants on the moderate low-carbohydrate diet spent, on average, 68 more minutes per day within the target range for glucose levels compared to those on the traditional diet.


Reduced Time with Elevated Values: The time with elevated values was reduced by an average of 85 minutes per day for participants on the moderate low-carbohydrate diet.


The study emphasizes the importance of making major changes in carbohydrate intake for individuals with type 1 diabetes in consultation with healthcare providers. It is particularly crucial not to implement such dietary changes independently, especially for children with type 1 diabetes, as the study specifically focused on adults.


Sofia Sterner Isaksson, a doctoral student at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg and the study’s first author, underscores the significance of a moderate low-carbohydrate diet in managing type 1 diabetes. The diet led to lower average blood sugar levels and increased the number of patients maintaining their blood sugar within the target range, reducing the risk of organ damage.

The study found no evidence of adverse effects, with cholesterol and blood pressure levels remaining similar for both diets. Participants on the moderate low-carbohydrate diet reported feeling slightly more satisfied, and levels of ketones, a concern with reduced carbohydrate intake, were maintained at reasonable levels.

Marcus Lind, the professor of diabetology at the University of Gothenburg and senior physician at the research units for diabetes at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the NU Hospital Group, emphasizes the importance of individuals finding a diet that suits them in consultation with healthcare professionals. He notes that the study provides critical data supporting the effectiveness and safety of a moderate low-carbohydrate diet for adults with type 1 diabetes.



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