Vietnam Anticipates Record-Breaking Fruit and Vegetable Exports in 2023

by Ella

In a remarkable surge, Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable exports have set a new record, reaching 5.2 billion USD in the period of January to November, reflecting a staggering 70% increase compared to the previous year, according to the Vietnam Vegetable and Fruit Association.

Notably, China remains the primary importer, constituting over 65% of Vietnam’s total fruit and vegetable exports, highlighting the robust trade relationship between the two nations. Other significant importers include the United States, the Republic of Korea, and Japan.


The recent months witnessed a marginal decline in fruit and vegetable exports as Vietnam’s durian season concluded. However, projections from the association are optimistic, foreseeing durian exports in 2023 to attain a substantial value of 2.3 billion USD.


Conversely, dragon fruit exports are poised for growth in the upcoming months, with a notable surge in demand anticipated from the Chinese market during the Lunar New Year celebration.


In a bid to further enhance the export landscape, Vietnam and China are gearing up to sign protocols for the export of coconut products, frozen fruit, and watermelons. These agreements are anticipated to provide a significant boost to the export of agricultural products throughout the year.


The flourishing trajectory of Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable exports underscores the resilience and dynamism of the country’s agricultural sector, positioning it as a key player in the global market. As the trade dynamics evolve, Vietnam’s strategic collaborations and diverse export portfolio continue to contribute to the nation’s economic growth and international standing.



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