Elevate Corn Pudding with a Boost of Umami from Miso

by Ella

In the realm of culinary excellence, the predictable can be the enemy of extraordinary. While classic comfort foods have their cherished place, there’s an art to surprising and delighting dinner party guests. Tasting Table recipe developer Miriam Hahn introduces an innovative twist to the familiar with her miso and charred corn pudding recipe, showcasing the dynamic and savory umami essence of miso paste.

Miso, a Japanese condiment crafted from fermented soybeans, takes center stage in this recipe, providing a salty, funky, and tangy kick to the traditional corn pudding. The rich, peanut butter-like texture of miso adds depth to the dish, with both white and red miso varieties deemed suitable, the latter preferred for its extra funky flair.


The marriage of miso and corn pudding is a culinary revelation, transforming the savory, creamy custard into a masterpiece of complex flavors. The umami-forward miso complements the natural sweetness of corn, creating a profile that tantalizes the taste buds. Incorporating miso into the custard is a simple yet impactful step, requiring only a generous spoonful to elevate the dish to new heights.


Whether you’re a miso enthusiast or a newcomer to this Japanese condiment, keeping it on hand proves to be a culinary investment. The versatility of miso extends beyond this corn pudding recipe, offering opportunities for creative exploration in various dishes. Consider experimenting with garnishes such as black and white sesame seeds, chopped chives, or pickled jalapeno slices to enhance the miso corn pudding’s visual and flavor appeal.


For an unexpected holiday treat, pair the miso corn pudding with barbecued short ribs, infusing Christmas Eve with an unconventional and delightful culinary experience. This versatile dish also shines at fall tailgates and summer barbecues, serving as a delectable companion to pulled pork sandwiches or roasted squash. Its sweet-savory profile makes it an excellent accompaniment to maple-glazed pork chops or any other dish that balances the delicate dance between sweetness and savoriness.


To satisfy the sweet tooth of your foodie guests, consider serving the miso and charred corn casserole as a prelude to a dessert equally harmonizing sweet and savory notes. Options like salted caramel pralines or salted caramel and toasted white chocolate apple bark provide a delightful conclusion to a meal that seamlessly blends innovation with comfort.

In the world of culinary alchemy, Miriam Hahn’s miso and charred corn pudding stands as a testament to the transformative power of unexpected pairings, offering a gastronomic journey that transcends expectations and delights the senses.



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