“Strike for Hunger” Food Drive by USW Local 21 Declared a Resounding Success

by Ella

USW Local 21’s charitable initiative, the “Strike for Hunger” food drive, has proven to be a tremendous success, with organizers proudly announcing that it has surpassed last year’s fundraising efforts to support Delta County food banks.

Once again, the dedicated members of Local 21’s Women of Steel took the lead in hosting the three-day event, which generated an impressive sum of $15,800 in monetary donations. This generous total includes a substantial contribution of $3,000 from Billerud. In addition to the financial support, an impressive 2,100 pounds of canned goods and paper products were also donated.


Organizers expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the continued support of the community, emphasizing the compassionate spirit that characterizes the region. Despite economic challenges and the impact of inflation on households, the community has demonstrated unwavering generosity in participating and contributing to this annual event.


USW Local 21 President Gerald Kell commended the community, stating, “I think that it’s reflective of our community and the compassion that people have. Even when things are tight and we know inflation is impacting everybody’s pocketbooks, people are still willing to get out and donate and help out their community members.”


The funds collected during this drive will be equally divided between two vital food banks in Escanaba: St. Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army. These organizations play a crucial role in providing assistance to individuals and families in need.


The monetary donations are channeled into accounts at Pat’s Foods in Gladstone and Elmer’s County Market in Escanaba. This unique approach allows the food banks to utilize the credited amounts to purchase essential supplies directly from the stores, ensuring that those in need receive the support required to combat hunger.

The “Strike for Hunger” food drive exemplifies the dedication and commitment of USW Local 21 to making a positive impact on their community, especially during challenging times. The overwhelming success of this event reflects the generosity and solidarity of the Delta County community in coming together to support their neighbors in need.



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