Russia’s Weaponization of Food and Energy: Zelenskyy Addresses UN Assembly

by Ella

In a compelling address to the United Nations General Assembly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy highlighted the alarming impact of Russia’s strategic weaponization of food and energy resources, asserting that this tactic profoundly affects countries far beyond Ukraine’s borders.

Since the commencement of the conflict, Ukrainian ports situated along the Black and Azov seas have been blockaded by Russia, while its ports along the Danube River have been targeted by drones and missiles, President Zelenskyy stated. He emphasized that this constitutes a clear and calculated effort by Russia to exploit global food scarcity as leverage, seeking recognition of its control over seized territories in exchange.


Zelenskyy went on to describe the gravity of this situation, asserting that nuclear weapons, once considered the ultimate threat, have now been overshadowed by the escalating menace of mass destruction. He remarked, “The aggressor is weaponizing many other things…things that are being used not only against our country but also against yours.”


Notably, the Ukrainian President drew attention to the absence of international conventions specifically addressing the weaponization of global food supplies and energy resources, emphasizing the need for collective action in this regard.


In a fervent plea, President Zelenskyy underscored Ukraine’s unwavering commitment to the Black Sea Initiative aimed at ensuring global food security. Despite ongoing challenges, Ukraine has established a temporary sea corridor from its ports and is diligently working to preserve land routes for the export of vital grain supplies.


Moreover, Zelenskyy condemned Russia’s appalling conduct of mass kidnapping and deportation of Ukrainian children, branding it as a clear case of genocide. He lamented the indoctrination of Russian children with anti-Ukrainian sentiments and the severance of familial ties.

Zelenskyy announced his intention to present a comprehensive Ukrainian peace proposal at the Security Council, offering a framework for ending aggression based on the terms dictated by Ukraine—the victimized country—in an open and transparent manner.

Expressing urgency and the need for global solidarity, President Zelenskyy cautioned against Russia’s provocative actions, which he said were pushing the world toward a catastrophic conflict. He stressed Ukraine’s commitment to ensuring that, following this period of Russian aggression, no nation on Earth would dare to attack another. Zelenskyy’s vision included the imperative of restraint among nations, the prosecution of war crimes, the repatriation of displaced populations, and the restoration of occupied territories to their rightful owners.



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