Increased Food Insecurity Prompts Peoria Food Pantry’s Call for Assistance

by Ella

Peoria’s Porch Pantry is facing a growing challenge as it grapples with a surge in food insecurity within the community. Charles Martin, who oversees the pantry located on North Ellis Street, reports a concerning trend of 50 to 70 visitors daily, numbers reminiscent of the height of the pandemic.

While the pantry has been fortunate to receive ongoing donations, Martin underscores that food insecurity is on the rise, particularly in the West Bluff neighborhood. To meet the escalating demand, the pantry is urgently seeking a variety of food items, with an emphasis on fresh and readily consumable options. These include granola bars, pop-top canned meals, and fruits.


Reflecting on the situation, Charles Martin expressed the importance of collective efforts to combat hunger, stating, “We have so many avenues now that people can help, that it’s starting to get more broad. I just wish that everybody would do a bit. When everybody has a little bit, a little bit will go a long way.”


The Porch Pantry operates seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., providing a crucial lifeline for individuals and families in need. Donations of both food items and monetary contributions are graciously accepted on-site.


For those willing to lend a helping hand, the pantry is conveniently located at 1122 N. Ellis Street, situated at the corner of Ellis and West Elizabeth in Peoria. Your support can make a meaningful difference in alleviating food insecurity within the community.




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