Public support sought for liquid meth found in vegetable oil

by Ella

Australian Federal Police Seek Public Assistance Following Discovery of Liquid Meth in Vegetable Oil Shipment

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) are seeking public assistance after a significant seizure of liquid methamphetamine, totaling 312 kilograms, intended for Melbourne. The operation, codenamed “Tallow,” commenced in July 2023 when special agents from Homeland Security Investigations, in collaboration with US Customs and Border Protection officers at Los Angeles International Airport, identified a shipment labeled as ‘vegetable fluid oil’ destined for Australia.


This illicit drug was cleverly concealed inside two black drums, and authorities plan to subject it to further forensic testing to ascertain its purity. Both Australian and US law enforcement agencies joined forces to intercept the narcotics and closely monitored the shipment’s journey to Australia.


Upon arrival in Australia, the consignment remained in storage for two weeks before its intended delivery to a rural property in Victoria. On September 5, 2023, AFP and Victoria Police oversaw the delivery of the consignment to a property near Tooborac, located approximately 100 kilometers north of Melbourne. However, the shipment was not retrieved as expected.


In response, AFP investigators executed search warrants at various locations in Melbourne and Brisbane. The rural property near Tooborac was unoccupied at the time of the delivery, leaving authorities uncertain about the consignment’s potential relocation.


While AFP investigators have interviewed several individuals in connection with the case, no charges have been filed thus far. The investigation remains ongoing.

AFP Detective Superintendent Kristie Cressy emphasized the significance of law enforcement partnerships, both domestically and internationally, in preventing dangerous drugs from infiltrating communities. She stressed the collective goal of keeping illicit drugs off the streets and thwarting criminals who aim to profit from such activities.

Cressy stated, “Criminals may work hard to plan and execute elaborate schemes, but the AFP and its partner agencies work harder to detect concealments of any nature.” She encouraged individuals with any knowledge or information related to the importation to contact Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000 or via

Homeland Security Investigations Regional Attaché Ernest Verina echoed the importance of international collaboration, emphasizing the commitment to holding criminal organizations accountable for their actions. He emphasized HSI’s dedication to working alongside the AFP to combat global narcotics smuggling operations.

Verina declared, “Criminal organizations that display such a willful disregard to our community’s safety to sell this deadly poison must be held fully accountable.” He pledged HSI’s ongoing efforts to identify those responsible for the smuggling of liquid methamphetamine.



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