Rebuilding Economic Resilience in the UK Food Supply Chain Takes Center Stage

by Ella

United Kingdom – As food security remains a pressing concern amid persistent inflation and supply chain disruptions associated with global events like the Ukraine conflict, IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution) has released a comprehensive report focusing on revitalizing economic resilience within the UK’s food supply chain.

Titled “Viewpoint Special Report: Rebuilding Economic Resilience in the UK Food Supply Chain,” this publication offers an impartial examination of the challenges confronting both consumers and the nation’s food supply chain in the immediate and foreseeable future. Additionally, it provides strategic insights into the reconstruction of economic resilience, as outlined by IGD.


Embracing Adaptability and Flexibility


James Walton, Chief Economist at IGD, pointed out, “We recognize that escalating food price inflation can be attributed, in part, to global factors, including the Ukraine-Russia conflict. However, it is imperative to assess the UK’s role as a food producer and explore strategies for adaptable and resilient trading.”


Walton stressed the persistent labor shortages in the food supply chain and emphasized the necessity for a unified industry effort to attract and cultivate talent. He also noted positive developments in this regard, with IGD witnessing collaborative initiatives to address the labor challenge.


Navigating Ongoing Hurdles

Although inflation is displaying signs of deceleration, wage increases in select regions are occurring, households continue to confront obstacles due to higher base interest rates and taxes. Michael Freedman, Head of Economic and Consumer Insight at IGD, underscored the significance of an effective food supply chain during challenging times.

Freedman stated, “When individuals grapple with significant challenges and adversity, it becomes paramount that the food supply chain functions efficiently. This ensures the availability of essential goods and maintains consumer value.”

The IGD’s report seeks to offer a comprehensive roadmap to strengthen the UK’s food supply chain, reinforcing its resilience to external pressures while safeguarding the interests of consumers and industry stakeholders alike.



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