Arrest Made in Theft of Festive Stockpile from Martock Food Bank

by Ella

A man has been apprehended following the theft of vital supplies, valued at hundreds of pounds, from the Martock Christian Fellowship food bank in Somerset. The incident occurred during the early hours of Tuesday when the food bank, located on Church Street, was broken into by a group of intruders. CCTV footage captured three separate visits by the thieves during the course of the raid.

Local law enforcement arrested a man in his thirties in Martock on Sunday afternoon, and he remains in police custody as inquiries into the incident persist.


The stolen items included high-value essentials such as nappies, tinned meals, tinned meat, and pet food, all of which were part of the charity’s stockpile intended for distribution during the upcoming festive season.


Operated by the Transforming Lives food bank, this charitable organization serves the needs of up to 50 adults and 30 children in the community.


Avon and Somerset Police have stated that their investigation is ongoing as they work to ensure justice is served in this case.




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